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MindHandle is an employment branding agency that helps companies with large, distributed workforces attract, engage, and retain top performing employees.

We craft compelling brand stories that employees connect with, resulting in better vision, corporate alignment, brand value, and business growth.

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Liquid + Mindhandle

Mindhandle is now part of Liquid Agency

We are now a part of Liquid Agency—a brand consulting and activation company. This acquisition builds on Liquid Agency’s leading position as a comprehensive consultancy. Together with select leadership from MindHandle, Liquid Agency will help more brands actualize themselves through robust, flexible Ex aligned fully with Cx and Bx.

Employment Branding


There’s been a major shift in the last several years: enlightened companies are increasingly putting emphasis on being as employee-centric as they are customer-centric. And when a brand stands for the exact same thing–both according to the consumer and the employee–we call it magnetic branding. This approach is a powerful force for good that moves people to do great things in business. 

Magnetic branding has the potential to attract greater success for every company while building strong culture for the people they employ. We love helping businesses become brand empowered. We’re passionate about employment branding, and our unique creative advertising approach to strengthening those employee brands is what gives us an edge.

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A brand is a set of beliefs and expectations of what a company will do and how it will do it, based on past performance. Employee branding defines a set of beliefs by and about employees; employer branding defines beliefs by and about employers.

MindHandle believes the two are so closely linked they must be considered as a whole. Employment branding incorporates employee branding and employer branding to define the total employment experience from attraction to adoption, and championship.

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less turnover when you have a strong employer brand

(Gallop Poll, Sep 2020)


cost per hire reduction when you have a strong employer brand

(Gallop Poll, Sep 2020)


of people would consider changing jobs if offered a role at a company with an excellent corporate reputation

(Bloomberg, Aug 2020)

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