The Power of Employment Branding

Time-tested storytelling methods are what we use to define and challenge an organization’s mission, vision, values and employment value proposition through the eyes of the employee. From recruits to alumni, the employee journey is rich in opportunities to communicate. Our work empowers employers to break through to their teams by stirring emotions and self-motivation to propel them through a rewarding employee journey.

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Building a better brand army

In the age of brand transparency, it’s critical for an organization to communicate common ideals between employees and consumers. Like great marketing campaigns that inspire and emote, internal comms deserve attention and respect now more than ever. At MindHandle, we build brands that attract the right employees, help them adopt the company as their own, and convert team members to champions.

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Magnetic Storytelling for Employment Branding

It’s helpful to think of consumer branding and employment branding being the same process but for different audiences. Companies with strong employment brands know their first priority is to take care of their employees, who then take care of customers, which in turn, takes care of the business. 

When employees learn and adopt your brand story through robust employment branding, they become your biggest advocates. They inspire confidence with customers and help attract new talent to the organization as they progress from “I like that” to “I want to be part of that” to “I'm like that.”

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People Love Stories

We have good news: people are more interested in your brand than your business. When they like your products and service they look for more reasons to like you. That’s where the power of brand storytelling kicks in. 

Since the beginning of civilization, people have passed on customs, cultures, and knowledge through storytelling. When stories are told well, they convey emotion that draws listeners, viewers, and readers to you like a magnet. 

Even better? That claim is backed up by scientific evidence that shows listeners’ brainwaves mimic those of the speaker’s during well-told stories. Quite literally, you and your audience are on the same wavelength. 

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of U.S. Employees Feel engaged with their companies

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of employees are considering a new job

Workforce Panel Gallup, Nov 2015


of Americans say employee communication is key to developing trust with their employers

Insidedge, July 2016