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Magnetic Scorecard™

Checking Your Brand’s Vital Signs

Measuring Brand Health

The Magnetic Scorecard lies at the core of MindHandle’s innovative approach to employment branding. This tool allows us to close the biggest gap companies face: a lack of data-driven insights into their brand communications.

We now exist in the era of the “glass box,” where companies' internal communications and culture are no longer shielded from the outside world. In this era, your employees control the message through their social media as much as your marketing team does. 

The Magnetic Scorecard enhances our strategy by considering each facet of your organization’s presence. At MindHandle, we go beyond the industry standard by evaluating both the employer brand and the consumer brand and seeking to align the two.

What is the Magnetic Scorecard?

The Magnetic Scorecard is a precise diagnostic tool we use to assess the health and effectiveness of a brand’s communications. It doesn’t measure the health of the company itself. Instead, it explores the alignment, authenticity, and consistency of a company’s brand messaging and how the audience responds to it.

The Magnetic Scorecard provides a measurement of how well the brand currently communicates with customers and employees in three different categories. Every relationship has the potential to progress from attraction (“I like that”) to adoption (“I want that”) and finally to identifying as a champion (“I’m like that”). This diagnostic tool assesses the strength of communication with a brand’s talent and consumers at each relationship stage.

Learn more about the Magnetic Scorecard in this quick video. 

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Alignment of Divergent Goals

The Magnetic Scorecard identifies opportunities to align messaging and goals, such as marketing’s desire for more customers and HR’s desire for top-tier talent. It helps reveal deeper connections between departmental goals that may appear unrelated on the surface and demonstrates how harmony makes the difference.

Through a holistic diagnosis of your brand health and communications, we can gain insights. For example, maybe it will reveal your recruiting team doesn’t have a compelling enough message to cut through the noise of job boards. Or it may tell us that there is a great opportunity to identify brand champions and give them a voice.

How does it help with employee engagement and retention?

When teams rally around the same message, mission, and values, the brand gains momentum through the discovery of how to make work matter for all involved. As an organization builds cohesion in its internal communications strategy, it reinforces alignment with employees and fosters meaningful engagement.

See where the Magnetic Scorecard leads

One brand. One voice. 2 Audiences.

This tool is a way to fortify brands from the inside out. When you dismantle the idea of two brands and celebrate the dialogue shared between the multiple audiences of one brand, you create authentic magnetism.

The prevailing need for communications is to know your audience. If organizations have data to inform their communications decisions, they can better understand how to speak with their audiences.

For the employee audience, the better a brand is at understanding the individual and their relationship, the more powerful the messages become. Reaffirming the brand’s purpose and values amplifies the dedication and performance of employees to enrich the bottom line.

The Magnetic Scorecard offers a quantifiable means to evaluate the effectiveness of employer branding over time. It tracks how the needle moves on retention costs and recruitment and transcends the conventions of corporate communication.

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