Digital Workplace: The Future of Work

The digital workplace is about more automation for productivity gains. In fact, it’s hard to think of one business function in any industry or profession that is not affected by digital technology. The digital workplace is the future of work.

How you plan and deploy new and emerging technologies will make employees feel more connected and valued or more isolated and disconnected.

Use MindHandle’s Digital Workplace Expertise

Most distributed organizations need help developing and implementing an effective internal communications strategy around digital technology. New software applications come to market constantly but knowing which is best for your organization can be a tough call. We can help.

MindHandle has helped some of the biggest brands strategize, plan, and implement digital workplace processes and programs.

We take a marketing communications approach to internal communications; you must build a strong employment brand that conveys your mission, values, and direction. Informed employees become living extensions of your consumer brand, they are your advocates and champions.

Check out the outline of MindHandle’s comprehensive approach to helping your organization make the most of the digital workplace below.

1. Communications Technology Strategy

We help figure out the best ways to communicate effectively with all employees, no matter where in the world they may be. Strategy, demographics, locations, and many other factors affect software decisions.

Whatever the comm-tech strategy, we strongly recommend employee engagement software be in the equation. This gives employees a voice – for both attributed and anonymous input – so they know their opinions matter and their voices are heard.

2. Intranet Design & Development

Second only to strategy is the necessity for contemporary functionality and engaging design. Each helps increase employee knowledge, productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction.

Accessibility and user experience are at the top of the design list, to provide dispersed employees the same experience, no matter their locations. Clean, uncluttered design with an intuitive user interface puts your message and employer brand front and center. 

3. Recruiting & Career Websites

A great user experience begins with putting the user first, recruiting and career based websites should be designed to instantly engage the reader who may wish to join your organization. Developing content that appeals to your ideal candidates is key.

Show site visitors what it’s like to be part of your organization. Sell the employee experience, the opportunities, and possibilities. This is where a strong employment brand pays off. Paint a vivid picture of the employee journey with interactive content, including video and exciting images.

4. Digital Integration

Most companies have been building a digital workplace for years without any clear objective or roadmap. Websites, email, and other legacy systems show no signs of going away, even as a vast array of training, productivity, employee satisfaction, and collaborative software apps scream for attention.

You can trust MindHandle to help you sort it all out and develop a comprehensive strategy and digital workplace that empowers your employees to do their best work and be your best brand ambassadors.

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Change and Communication ROI Study, Towers Watson, 2014


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