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Passion For The Craft

The majority of your day, and over 1/3 of your life, is spent at work. But that time is a lot more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by people you love and respect. A certain type of person is pulled to MindHandle. It’s the collaborators who enjoy the idea of ‘togetherness.” Working together. Creating together. Laughing together. And making a difference together. After all, that’s what binds us–you guessed it–together.

In the end, our great work is a direct result of our great people.


MindHandle was created by senior leaders with experience spanning creative, technology, corporate marketing, employee engagement and training. We share a common belief that a brand is most powerful when its consumer and employee communications are linked by a common, magnetic story.


Katie Cantu

Executive Creative Director

Depending on the project, Katie may arrive as a strategist, creative director or copywriter, but the common thread in Katie’s work is leadership through big, business-changing ideas. Katie is a film buff, improv comedian and sage storyteller (and interior designer, musicologist, perfumer and more) who leads by painting a vivid and entertaining vision of the future. Katie loves working at MindHandle because of her clients and teammates: “You couldn’t find a better cast of characters anywhere in Hollywood.”

Katie wanted to be a dinosaur when she grew up, but when that dream didn’t manifest, she chose commercial arts because the next best thing was to impact and create culture. When she’s not shaping ideas or the people who invent them, you’ll find Katie shaping her growing family. She considers it an honor to help her children see the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity, and they in turn help her think more imaginatively.

Maria Colaluca

Head of Digital Marketing

There isn't a problem Maria can't solve nor a risk she won’t take when it comes to marketing technology. Every day she makes the broad world of digital marketing a little narrower with her experience in IT project management, UX design and inbound marketing. She has  designed interactive wall displays, reimagined internal communications technology strategies and mastered content marketing methods.

Armed with equal parts strategy, development and creative, we consider Maria a triple threat. She is unfazed by barriers (especially the unknown) and boldly uncovers solutions to problems that seem not to have answers. She is driven to see clients succeed and desires to transform their brands from the inside out.

Maria is passionate about leading people with patience and humility and believes everyone has something valuable to bring to the table. She is a calm spirit regardless of the weather, leads with a level head and comes equipped with the right pieces to complete the puzzle.

To unwind from work, Maria loves to spend time with family and listen to music—all genres from jazz to heavy metal. She still has a dream of mastering the vocal styling of Nancy Wilson (once she figures out how to sing in key).


Amanda Driggers

Head of Brand Management

Driven to make a difference, Amanda is forging new paths in brand management. In her 20 years’ experience, she has led several award-winning campaigns and new product launches, for brands like Interstate Batteries, Tostitos, Cheetos, and Nestle Juicy Juice, to name a few.

Amanda is a visionary and a full-picture thinker with the zest to solve whatever problem may arise. She wears many hats, usually simultaneously, walking the line of liaison between client and agency. Amanda is a natural negotiator and out-of-the-box thinker. She is the connector of all dots between projects and people, and has an uncanny knack for solving problems before they even arise.

An adventure seeker at heart, Amanda is constantly pushing the limits. You can find her surfing waves from coast to coast or trekking across the many national parks. Amanda is known to treat people with kindness, humility, and respect. She wants to see those around her – clients, coworkers and vendors – succeed. When you work with Amanda, prepare to be celebrated all the way through the finish line.


Chief Concept Officer

An established, bona fide visual artist with an impeccable conceptual mind, Ken Womack brings his talents to MindHandle as Chief Concept Officer.

Ken founded MindHandle at the request of our inaugural client, Chili’s over 15 years ago. Building on his impressive, long career as an art director, Ken thrives on innovative ways to communicate visually. He pushes creative boundaries, stretches imagination, and flexes his creative chops to ensure our storytelling is always magnetic and never static.

Ken’s work has garnered recognition by Clios, ADDYs, Communications Arts and POPAI, and his brand experience includes Dr Pepper, TGI Fridays, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Coors, and Pizza Hut. Among MindHandle’s successful employee branding projects, Ken has created winning work for TopGolf, At Home, Texas Health Resources, and Raising Cane’s.

Ken throws himself fully into all his artistic pursuits, whether it’s advertising, painting, or sculpting. Of course, it’s no surprise he’s such a hard-working artist. Ken is the son of a rodeo cowboy and ballerina.

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Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff Begert, MindHandle’s Chief Revenue Officer, is famous for ending Zoom meetings with “Win the day!” It’s a rallying cry that’s not about winning new business for the agency (although he likes doing that as well). It’s about helping our clients win the day. And his background in brand management makes him especially deft at doing just that.

Jeff brings over 15 years of agency expertise in leading brands, including GameStop, 7-Eleven, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, and Cabela’s. And he builds on that expertise by attracting outstanding clients – such as Texas Health Resources and Invitation Homes – for MindHandle’s Employee Branding solutions. His experience means he understands firsthand the power of employee marketing and can lead companies to engage with their employees with the same commitment used to communicate to customers.

When Jeff isn’t home with family, he likes to head out to the wilderness to fish and hunt. He uses this same rugged spirit to challenge us every day. To do better. To bring our best creative. To create the most magnetic strategies. And to be mindful of our daily mission: win the day.

Eric Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Strategist by trade, storyteller by aptitude, creative by accident, professor by design. MindHandle CEO Eric Harris’ resume may not read the way you’d expect it to, but the sum of these experiences helps him empathize with his clients, students, and the agency team.

After several years in large advertising agencies, Eric joined his clients on the corporate team at YUM! Brands, where he led Pizza Hut’s integrated communications for 2 years. The experience taught Eric not only what it was like to be on the “buying” side of the agency economy, but also how much room there was to improve on internal communications. That’s why Eric founded GatherRound, a training company focused on storytelling for presentations.

In 2018, GatherRound and MindHandle merged, creating an employment branding agency with the talent and expertise to reach employees with advertising quality messages. As CEO Eric provides the vision that becomes decisions in the agency, and if he’s ever missing, look no further than the nearest whiteboard.

Eric is a self-proclaimed suburban lumberjack, a communications professor via TCU Neely Executive Education, drummer, Forbes Business Council contributor, and a camp-in-the-backyard father of two.

Eric portrait

of comms pros say creativity is important in internal comms, but only 6% think it’s used to its full potential

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of employees are unengaged or actively disengaged at work. The cost of a single disengaged employee equates to 34% of their salary!

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of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

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