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For more than 40 years, Callaway Golf has been a provider of premium golf clubs, balls, performance gear and accessories. Though they were viewed as a golf company, they needed tech-focused talent that could work on everything from engineering to logistics. In addition, several acquisitions, as well as the distribution of the workforce during the pandemic, had begun to challenge the corporate culture.

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With 150 open positions, Callaway needed to quickly fill roles across a breadth of disciplines. Past approaches to recruitment had lost their efficacy. Company culture had lost some potency as the workforce had become more distributed in response to the pandemic. In addition, the game’s rich heritage is also one of its biggest challenges. And, despite Callaway’s modernity, the brand found it difficult to distance itself from the stodgy and exclusive image of the sport.

Callaway sought to break that stereotype. They wanted to make the game and employment at Callaway approachable, inviting, and enjoyable for all regardless of the candidate’s interest in the game. They needed to articulate they weren’t just a golf company; they were dedicated towards improving the game through innovation and technology for tomorrow.

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When it comes to Golf, Callaway has always been the game changer. They are passionate about improving the game and the player. It’s this passion that pushed the game and their culture forward. This is who they needed. People with a passion for quality, performance, and a drive to redefine the standards for the industry and the player. In short, they needed people who were obsessed with changing the game.

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MindHandle worked with Callaway to create the “Making the Turn” campaign. This took a golf term about pushing forward and redefined it to encompass a passion for improvement. The campaign included testimonials from employees that continually strive to make the game better for everyone. The messaging, imagery, and the subjects themselves defied the stereotypes found in the game of golf and welcomed people from all backgrounds and disciplines to be a part of changing the game. We also empowered the client to produce the tactical elements of the campaign though their internal production department by providing brand and activation guidelines.

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The Results

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