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Strong Foundations


  • Internal Communications Strategy
  • Employment Brand Story
  • Employment Brand Campaign
  • Employment Brand Manifesto
  • Visual Language System
  • Activation Playbook
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After nearly a century of business, the Holt brand had acquired many different companies to help deliver on their promises of service and leadership. They needed to bring the disparate companies under a single banner and align their values across their entire portfolio to better serve its people, shareholders, and customers. MindHandle was invited to work with two other agencies, Plot Twist Creativity and Trace Element to develop an employer brand in tandem with the consumer brand.

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The challenge the client faced was in getting employees to see what it meant to be part of a unified HOLT Group that married their history with the tech advances of the new companies. From office workers to field operators, there were several distinct personas that needed to be reached. Many of whom rarely checked emails or listened to internal comms.

Holt The Problem
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After digging into the HOLT brand history, we learned that banding together with other companies to deliver for customers was nothing new. In fact, it was a big part of the company’s legacy. Change was nothing new for HOLT. It was a crucial part of their culture of success, excellence, and commitment.

Holt The Solution


After a deep dive of existing brand strategy and internal comms, MindHandle worked to identify the employee personas, the employee journey map, and the Magnetic Storyline. HOLT’s history of collaborating with trusted partners established the core values that guide the company in everything it does. By uniting under one brand, the different components of the company would truly be Stronger Together. Once the concept was established, we tailored the messaging to each of the employee personas.

Employment Brand Activation Playbook

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The Results

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“Employees are critically important stakeholders. They must be excited about the new company’s vision and buy into it. Before they can get there, however, they need to understand what will happen to them.”

Source: McKinsey