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Refining an already powerful culture


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Topgolf's motto, encapsulates the company's family-oriented culture. In the same way, a typical family would, the firm

advocates for each of its employees to encourage, help, and support one another. Topgolf creates a one-of-a-kind

environment in which workers may grow professionally while being true to themselves. Despite this, they had difficulty in

getting its message and strategic beliefs across to its Team Members..

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The game is what you make it


According to Pew Research: 51% of US employees acquire a sense of identity from their employment. It can bring feelings of

pride, pleasure, drive, optimism, and achievement.

According to the Harvard Business Review: employees who feel appreciated and respected at work are 63% more satisfied

with their careers.

According to Gallup: Engaged Employees serve as brand ambassadors, helping their firm with sales and customer satisfaction

while also recruiting new associates..


MindHandle promoted TopGolf's engaging and success-driven culture through recruitment websites, unique banners showing

Moments that Matter, and social asset templates. The corporate culture of the company was indistinguishable from that of any

other company, but with the help of a strong employment brand and the right tools, they are now distinguishable from their

competition and able to effectively convey their five core values: Fun, Caring, One Team, Excellence, and Edgy Spirit.

MindHandle has assisted Topgolf in developing a new workplace culture in which employees know their hard work will be

acknowledged and rewarded.

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Topgolf's manifesto and associate value statement needed to be updated to align with the company's fundamental principles. They emphasize three main advantages of working at Topgolf, and we wanted to make sure that all of our marketing mirrored these advantages.

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“Reading the manifesto literally gave me chills. I relate to this so much and it makes me proud to work here.”

37% of employees state that recognition is their most important motivator (


MindHandle created a campaign to communicate to Team Members that working at Topgolf is unlike any other job they've ever had. "The Game Is What You Make It," and it's up to the employees to make things enjoyable, personal, and memorable for their guests and colleagues.

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Employees that care about their company's culture help it succeed. The key to attracting and retaining the world's best talent is not in the perks. It's in your employees' relationships. When your staff is excited to come to work we consider that a success.

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