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Employment Branding

Recruit, Retain, and Engage Empowered Talent


“A strong employer brand is a magnet for values-aligned talent because it doesn’t beg the candidate, ‘Do you want a job?’ Instead, it asks, ‘Are you like us?’ That’s what we want: Candidates who have self-identified as people who will succeed in the organization.”

— Eric Harris, MindHandle CEO

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What Is Employment Branding?

An employer’s brand is a set of beliefs that helps people understand how to behave in relation to it. It’s not only how a company defines itself but also how it maintains its reputation. Employers with strong brands embody their identities and carefully manage the gap between their definitions of self and their perception as employers.

Employer branding is traditionally focused on the external perception of a brand, with strategic messaging to attract and engage prospective candidates.

Employment branding is a more holistic strategy focused on elevating the reputation of a brand with both external candidates and internal employees. This approach addresses the employee experience from attraction through engagement and retention, leveraging internal communications to build trust, values, and commitment.

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What Does It Entail?

Employment branding distills the mission, vision, and values of an organization into a story to inspire purpose and high performance. Through strategic messaging, the story builds a contagious culture of engagement that strengthens connections with employees.

We believe the strongest brands are magnetic, celebrating a shared value between employees and consumers. The relationships are reciprocal.

A strong consumer brand motivates loyalty to become talent. A strong employer brand improves trust and perception with customers by extension.

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What Are the Benefits?

  • Enhanced Talent Attraction
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Stronger Influence Within Competitive Talent Market
  • Enhanced Employer Reputation
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

When organizations invest in employment branding, they establish themselves as employers of choice and enhance their reputations among current and prospective talent. They gain a competitive edge, attracting candidates better aligned with their culture and values that are motivated to perform. In turn, this increases employee engagement, improves retention, and has a positive impact on customers interacting with a dedicated workforce.

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What’s the Return on Investment?

sustained high performance-increased speed to hire-improved profitability icons
reduced turnover expenses-reduced cost to hire-increased application volume
improved performance and productivity-employer brand advocacy and referrals-reduced spending on contingent recruiting

Winning Business Outcomes

Successful employment branding consistently influences better business outcomes. Engaged employees have the potential to increase profitability, productivity, and sales. Beyond improving an organization’s bottom line, employment branding supports stronger customer engagement and loyalty.

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Value Created Through Employment Branding

Want to see the quantified results of successful employment branding strategies?

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How MindHandle Can Help

We offer employment brand services to propel the growth of your organization. Through close collaboration, our team will develop strategic and creative outcomes founded on unbiased insights about your employment brand.

It’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle, but with our help, you can create an employee experience that fulfills its promise. Depending on your goals, employment branding services from MindHandle can include the following:

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