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In the heights of the empowered employee movement, employers need to trigger a perspective employee’s interest quickly. HPE was in a global, hyper-competitive labor market and needed an agency partner to design and build an Employee Value Proposition to unify their corporate culture in multiple offices around the world. Like all enterprises, they needed a message with a central purpose their people could rally around.


With a global workforce of more than 60k employees and diverse positions ranging from consultants to engineers and tech to solutions, finding alignment on a universal EVP that appealed to this broad swath of personas had proven elusive. It soon became clear that the challenge would be in aligning multiple stakeholders across many regions on a global EVP and creating an employer brand that was true, meaningful and differentiating.

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It’s not uncommon for multiple people (and even departments) to be the owners of communication. What we quickly discovered was that other EVPs had died in the past because the proper people were not brought into the process at the appropriate time. To establish an EVP and create an employer brand, it was critical to navigate the process by communicating, and in some cases educating, stakeholders at all levels of their importance.

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By conducting global workshops, we identified similarities across the many parts of the organization and codified what it meant to be an HPE employee. Then, working with multiple stakeholders, we could explore articulations of the EVP and the employer brand, gaining alignment from all relevant parties as the process unfolded. Ultimately, MindHandle and HPE aligned and implemented the company’s first globally adopted EVP, then articulated it with an employer brand campaign.

The Work

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The Results

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