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Storytelling is one of the most compelling ways to inform, teach, and inspire people. Stories convey an understanding of history, culture, and values that unite people better than any other means of messaging. 

MindHandle crafts brand stories that are at the core of employment branding. We help convey them with industry-leading strategy and creativity that reflects and directs the employee experience through all available communication channels. 

Creative Storytelling

The Age of Brand Transparency

Everything has changed, and it’s no longer acceptable to be opaque. The black box that once protected corporations’ internal activities has been lifted, making way for the glass box. Employees are now both media and consumers. Consumers are now potential employees and media channels in their own way.

A strong consumer brand requires a strong employment brand, and vice-versa.

What We Do
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MindHandle works with you step by step to develop internal communications, employment branding strategies and tactics to engage employees across all locations and keep them actively involved in your organization’s plans and progress. 

First, we get to know you and your organization. In the discovery phase we determine areas of strength and those that provide opportunities to align and build a stronger employment brand. 

Then we develop a communications plan. Once the plan is in place, we will collaborate on content development, design and development of engaging, and award winning creative for all communications channels. 

We guide you through the campaign execution, evaluation, and adjustments required to keep strengthening your internal communications processes and results. See how MindHandle can help have world-class internal communications. 

Our Philosophy

The three phases of employee engagement are key to mapping out a successful employee journey. 

Attraction is the start of the relationship with the brand. We describe attraction as the “coming together,” like a magnet. Recruiting is usually the result we are looking for. How we communicate and narrate what it takes to be a successful employee has a significant impact on attracting the right talent. 

Once an employee is attracted to a brand, they will enter a phase of engagement called Adoption. Adoption means to embrace, to buy-in, or to take ownership of. This is when an employee decides to make the brand his or her own. Adoption is an action a potential employee or employee takes to say. “I want in” or “I want that.” 

The third phase is called Championship, and this consists of the most loyal employees. Just like on the marketing side of the equation, a champion employee is one that would take on the brand ideals as their own and defend them as important, or even vital to their values and beliefs. The company is considered part of their life, not just a job. These employees will be our most effective brand champions. 

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MindHandle was created by senior leaders with experience spanning creative, technology, corporate marketing, employee engagement and training. We share a common belief that a brand is most powerful when its consumer and employee communications are linked by a common, magnetic story.